Learn Knotentanz in London

Knotentanzkurs, Friesenrockkurs, Knotentanzworkshops, Friesenrockworkshops
Dance Friesenrock or Knotentanz.

Since 2013 I (Phillip) have been an enthusiastic „Knotentänzer“ and would like to share this passion with as many people as possible. Many friends, acquaintances and colleagues have asked me in recent years that I should offer a dance course. Since 2019 I have been giving workshops or courses in Knotentanz or Frisenrock on request. If you want to know more about the dance, please contact me.

Learn Knotentanz or Friesenrock

Phillip Burmester; Knotentanz; Friesenrock, Knotentanzkurs; Friesenrockkurs
Knotentanz with Phillip in the Netherlands

In general, Knotentanz is an easy to learn couple dance, for interested people of all ages. Some elements are reminiscent of Discofox or Rock n Roll. The dance is also called Friesenrock or Kurbeltanz furthermore the dance has its origin in the 1970s. The dance follows as one of the few dances no fixed basic step or sequence of steps. Thus the focus is on a good and sensitive arm work. To the simple basic step various easy to partly complex dance elements can be learned.
Due to the low complexity of the dance, Knotentanz is taught in a workshop format. This means that unique courses last between 2-5 hours. Depending on group size and core speed, different complex figures can be learned.

Join the Whatsapp group for Social dance evenings in London

We try to create a small community of Friesenrock and Knotentanz lovers in town. also social dance evenings in London. We invite therefore to join our free WhatsApp group Knotentanz London (Link to Whatsapp Group).

Request now an individual Workshop in London

The dance can be taken on a day or a weekend according to the wishes and knowledge of the participants. If your Location is not in London then your city needs an airport that we can arrange a class together. Usually I offer the following formats on weekends:

  • Private lessons for couples
  • Group courses/workshops for up to 40 people (20 couples)
  • wedding preparation
  • Other requests on request

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